One of the cool kids.

I always wanted to be one of the cool kids. Being a transient child I was always shuffled from school to school, and never really had time to attempt coolness. Though I’m sure I wouldn’t have made the cut.

I’ve been on Twitter for quite some time, though I never really thought about how or why I wanted to use it.

Then I discovered that my version of Justin Beiber, Donalyn Miller, was on Twitter. I immediately clicked “follow”.

And my world opened up. Suddenly, there were language arts/English/reading/writing teachers everywhere. There was a magical convention called NCTE/ALAN. Teachers with things to share were all over my Twitter feed, and I was learning.

And thinking how cool they were, and how cool would it be to hang out with them.

Then, I started following @colbysharp. I clicked through his profile to his blog where I ran across this post. In particular, this bit jumped out at me:

Nowhere in me, is there a desire to publish a book, but I do feel that writing more will help me to become a better teacher.

Since I gravitated to teaching reading exclusively, I haven’t been writing as much. At all, really. I’ve never been a great writer, in fact, which makes it even more important that I start writing on a regular basis.

So I finally acted on my long-pondered idea of starting a reading, teaching, professional(ish) blog.

Which is right here.

Away we go!


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