It’s Monday, what are you reading?

I have a confession. I’ve been reading the same book since the beginning of the school year.

I am a proponent of abandoning books if you’re not into it.

But I feel like I should like this book. Everyone I know loves it. My twitter feed loves it.

I put it down and now I just can’t make myself pick it up again.

Because I feel like I should love it, I can’t just abandon it.

So I’m at a stalemate.

I love science fiction. The recent explosion of dystopic young adult fiction makes me giddy with glee.

But I can’t get into this book.

Please don’t judge me.

It’s Delirium, by Lauren Oliver.

Tell me it’s worth finishing?


Big stretches


Anyone here? I’ve been gone a couple weeks. My kids were going through testing ALL WEEK at school, SRI, xSkills, MAP testing, I felt terrible for the poor things. But it was strangely exhausting being at school watching them work their way through all the tests as well.

To top it off, my husband decided to share the joy of his most recent cold with me, so I’m curerntly snuggled up on my couch with the puppy watching television.

I know, I’m not even reading. Bad mrs duke. Shame. I think that it’s because I’m not loving the book I’m currently reading, but I’ll post more on that for Monday’s “What are you reading?” post.

Just wanted to let you know I’m still here!

Vanished: True Tales of the Missing

This was the second book I finished on my holiday break book-a-day challenge. I whipped through it in about an hour. Probably because I skimmed a lot of it.

In theory, this sounds like a great idea for a book, tell the tales of people who have gone missing, some found, some never heard from again. The potential for intrigue and a gripping story is here. Unfortunately, in practice, I didn’t feel that this book delivered. Many of the stories were rushed, as though the research wasn’t done, or perhaps there wasn’t enough background information, but just when I thought some of the stories were getting good, I’d turn the page and *poof* we were on to the next story.

There were two redeeming stories in this book for me. The story of musician Henry Grimes, who seemingly disappeared for over 40 years only to reappear with the help of a fan was a story I enjoyed. The story of author Antoine Saint-Exupery, I’d never know that he disappeared over the ocean and was never heard from again.

I’ll put this book on my school shelves for students, but I’m not that excited about what I read. I think I just expected more from a book with such a high level and such potential.

It’s Monday, what are you reading?

I’m a failure at Book-a-day. As I write this on Sunday morning, I’m not even close to finishing a book per day on my break, and school starts back up on Tuesday. But that’s ok.

I just got a copy of Lauren Oliver’s “Delirium” for a book club. That book is currently at the top of my list, I put it right up in front of all my other books. This week is a busy week for me, so I may not get to any other books this week (it’s a big one! and I’m not a speed reader, I’m a savor-er) but just in case, I have some backups waiting in the wings.

I still need to read “Among the Hidden” and the others in that series, I have the Skeleton Creek books awaiting my perusal, and I’m still working my way through Terri Lessene’s “Reading Ladders” on a professional level.

On top of that, my master’s classes start back up in February, and there will be plenty of reading in those classes, for certain!

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