Well, I’m doing all sorts of moving these days. Moving furniture around to make room for a baby, moving classrooms for fall, and now, I’m moving my teaching blog to blogger. My personal blog is there, and this is an opportunity for me to combine them a little bit and keep my life a little more streamlined. So if you’re one of the 3 people who reads/subscribes to this, change everything to the new address:


Summer Goals

I don’t know a single teacher who does absolutely no work in the summertime. Teaching summer school, working in their classroom, adapting lesson plans, creating an entirely new curriculum, attending trainings, reading up on new practices, studying common core standards, the list of things teachers do over the summer goes on and on.

My summer isn’t any different. Starting a new school at the end of the school year, teaching summer school starting from day 1 of break until mid-August, and being on maternity leave darned near the beginning of the school year (potentially at the beginning of the year) means I have a lot to do this summer. So I’m making a list of goals.

1. Determine a direction, focus and theme for this blog.
2. Write a reader’s workshop curriculum for the school year focused on interventions and test-success.
3. Write a summer-school curriculum for a 7-week high school reading workshop (implement it as I go!)
4. Write detailed lesson plans for my long-term sub to use during my maternity leave to ensure a smooth transition.
5. Get my classroom set up for an effective reader’s workshop. (Fingers crossed I don’t get asked to move rooms, I have a FANTASTIC room as of right now, and I have oodles of ideas.)
6. Get all of my classroom library books loaded into my book check-out system.

If I sat down and thought about it, I could probably¬† make an even longer list, but between this and preparing my personal life for a baby, I think this is plenty, don’t you?

What are your summer goals? Attending any wonderful trainings? Writing any new curriculum? Taking a class? What’s on your summer agenda?