I’m planning an author visit.

I’m lucky. I happen to know a fairly well-known local author. I would definitely call her an acquaintance, and she is ultimately responsible for me meeting my husband, though somewhat indirectly. I attended one of her recent signings and this lovely, lovely lady generously offered to visit my school.

Here comes Anne Ursu.

I’m at a new school this year, new building, new district, new everything. Being able to bring in an author to visit is definitely not hurting my value (I’d LOVE to stay at this building). But moreĀ  importantly? My students are going to get to meet an author. A real, live, published author!

I immediately ran to my literacy coach, and we put the wheels in motion. We have a tentative date set, and kids are being told via word of mouth (for now) that they should look into reserving “Breadcrumbs” at the library, picking up their own copy via book order, amazon, independent booksellers, or borrowing a copy from a friend. (The waiting list for my classroom copy is 15 kids long, and I only have 45 students!)

I can’t wait! I’m so fortunate to be able to bring someone like this to my school, and it’s something my students are wicked excited about.

Now, we just have to get all the hard work done!